Special PTA Meeting - Officer Elections


The PTA Needs You!

Please help our PTA!

A message from Mr. Morgan:

It is time that we start planning for events and activities that will take place in the 2018-19 school year. A lot of events and activities are dependent upon the efforts of parent and community volunteers. The current PTA Board of Directors is desperately needing volunteers to serve as an officer and/or provide support for upcoming events and activities. If you are a parent new to Jollyville, or one that has been able to participate in past events, we need your help. If you have the time in your schedule to be involved in any way, please see this as an opportunity.

If you are willing and able to volunteer for next year and beyond, please click here and take a moment to complete the form. No matter the amount of time you have to give, we can never have too many volunteers.

Thank you, again. Only together can we truly make a difference in the life of our JVE Jaguars.
Mr. Morgan, Principal
Jollyville Elementary School
512-428-2200 (Office)

A note from your PTA President, Steve Cao.
Serving as an officer of the Jollyville PTA is a self rewarding job, possibly one of the best experiences I have had. It can get extremely chaotic and stressful at times. But in the end, seeing what we as a community can accomplish for our kids is the best thing a person can get. i was a parent that spent the majority of time picking up a kid or attending a performance/program. I was able to connect with the community, school, students, teachers and administration in ways I have never been able to before. If any of you are interested in a position with the PTA, I can provide you with more information about what those responsibilities are. As a community I have seen what we can accomplish together: Fall Carnival, silent auctions, movie nights, game night, and much more. All of these things make your child's experience at Jollyville more fulfilling. Being even partly responsible for that is the best reward a person can experience. Jollyville students really need parental involvement and support. Please consider how you can volunteer.